Canada’s Response to Covid-19- October 2020 Edition

Although the pandemic has caused a decrease in the number of new immigrants to Canada, the demand for immigration has still continued to skyrocket. This stance was recently affirmed in the speech of the throne which highlighted the country’s objective to welcome more immigrants as one of the government’s top priorities. As a result of the everyday restrictions such as closures and limited staff imposed by the pandemic, the government has had to be inventive and adaptable in its management of processing applications and its overall policymaking efforts.

Steps taken to adapt to the “New Normal”:

The following are examples of policy reforms that Canada has implemented to ensure that the country continues to be a viable option for immigrants amidst the pandemic:

  • The government instituted e-mail or virtual landing processes for applicants who were present in Canada.
  • The government put new facilitative measures into place permitting international students who are unable to enter Canada to study overseas as well as qualify for a post-graduation work permit upon completion of their program. This measure ensures that international students can meet their education and immigration goals without added hindrances.
  •  Visitors are now allowed to apply for a work permit without having to leave the country. This measure was implemented to aid the recovery of the Canadian economy by helping temporary residents who want to work in Canada and employers who are struggling to find workers in the wake of the pandemic.
  •  Foreign workers have also been permitted to switch employers and start working for new employers prior to the final approval of their work permit. This measure has also been advantageous to employers who have faced issues with hiring and recruitment.

What to expect in the coming days/weeks?

A new mandate letter will be written by the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to immigration minister Marco Mendicino comprising of the country’s new immigration priorities and new Immigration Levels Plan will be announced for the second time this year. Although the government’s immigration plan was supposed to be implemented in March when the Immigration Levels Plan was first announced, the impending mandate letter is expected to stipulate how the government seeks to further modify immigration policy and how it will process applications going forward. It is clear that as the country hopes to return to normal life, decisions surrounding immigration policy will continue to be a vital part of the country’s long-term planning.

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