Updates as of March 18, 2022 – The effects of COVID-19 on Canadian immigration

We are living in an unprecedented time! The COVID-19 situation which started as a distant concern at the beginning for all of us in North America and Europe is becoming real and alarming. All the western countries have reacted to this pandemic in an attempt to lower the curve of citizens falling sick, some with a slower rate, some taking precautionary measures earlier. Canada has been one of the countries taking factual and realistic approach from the onset. On Monday, March 16, Prime Minister Trudeau has announced that among other measures, Canada will be closing the border to further control spreading the virus and keep the residents safe. Effective Wednesday, March 18, most people will be prevented to either leave or come to Canada while this measure is valid with few exceptions: Canadian citizens and their family members, permanent residents, US citizens, air crews and diplomats.

While Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada is still accepting applications for temporary and permanent residence, temporary permit holders are not allowed to enter Canada for the time being. This means that it is possible for a foreign national to apply for these programs, but while the measure is effective the arrival of the foreign national to Canada will be delayed. This will call for re-arranging policies for companies that rely on foreign talents by provide access to the employees remotely from their home country until the ban in lifted and they get permission to land in Canada.

Our firm is staying on top of the changes and advising our clients about strategies on how to tackle the current climate around foreign worker hires. If you would like to know more about what measures need to be taken or how to retain foreign workers that have already been recruited but are still abroad, feel free to contact our office.

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