What to expect from Canadian immigration in 2021?

With the world in pandemic mode over the last ten months and Covid-19 continuing to spread across the globe, many are wondering what we can expect for the year to come, especially when it comes to the world of immigration! Although we know that Canada’s immigration system will not return completely back to normal until the pandemic is over, Canada has amplified its commitment to welcome more immigrants, temporary foreign workers, and international students over the next three years. This is because aside from the fact that these newcomers will support Canada’s post-COVID economic recovery, the country still depends on immigrants to counteract its aging population and labour shortages. As such, we have much to look forward to in 2021 and here are the highlights of what to expect this year:

2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan

With its 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan announced in October 2020, Canada intends on inviting a historic number of newcomers with a target of more than 400,000 individuals per year. While it is hard to conceive that the country will be able to meet this goal in 2021 with its worldwide government offices operating with limited hours and national travel restrictions still in place, this plan empowers the government to continue to hold federal and provincial immigration draws as well as process applications. In doing so, Canada can guarantee the continued selection of skilled workers for permanent residence as well as provide immigrant applicants with the required approvals so they can enter the country as the travel restrictions ease up.

Pathways to Permanent Residence

For temporary residents already in Canada, immigration minister, Marco Mendicino, revealed in November 2020 that the government is exploring more pathways to permanent residence and has hinted that they will be aimed at workers who are contributing to essential sectors of the economy. While some policies have been announced already with it being only few weeks into the new year, more are expected to be proposed in the weeks and months to come. This objective only further illustrates Canada’s need to attract and retain more skilled workers as they will be critical to the country’s economic recovery.

What next?

We are also looking forward to the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau’s mandate letter to the immigration minister in the coming months which will delineate the immigration department’s priorities over the next few years. All in all, we see a light at the end of the tunnel with the approval and administration of the vaccines and in the meanwhile, we can expect that the Canadian government will seek to stabilize the immigration system in 2021. Taking into account the huge number of immigrants expected in 2021 and the promises of expanding immigration programs, it is evident that immigration to Canada is not stopping anytime soon, and it will only go up from here!

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