Which Canadian province is the easiest to immigrate to?

With almost 80 different Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) streams, prospective immigrants have several options when it comes to selecting which Canadian province they would like to make home. Each of these streams are tailored to meet the unique needs of each province and vary in terms of the type of the talent they are looking for. A provincial nomination from certain streams also grants applicants an additional 600 points toward their CRS scores ensuring an invitation to apply for permanent residence! Let’s take hypothetical applicant Neil for example: Neil is from Bangalore, India and wants to immigrate to Canada to pursue the ‘Canadian dream’ as he has always heard about the country’s excellent quality of life, free education, universal healthcare and overall safety and security and now wants to know: which Canadian province is the easiest to immigrate to? He is single, 28-years-old, speaks English as a habitual language, has a master’s degree in Computer Science and has been working as a computer programmer for five years. With his background, he will qualify for a variety of PNP streams but let’s explore three of the most popular provinces that Neil would be most qualified for:


Ontario is one of Canada’s most popular choices for immigrants due to Toronto’s burgeoning tech sector. Since Neil does not have a job offer as yet, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) Human Capital Priorities stream will be worth pursuing as this stream gives precedence to skilled workers such as Neil. While a job offer is not obligatory, Neil would have to have an active Express Entry profile to be considered and invited to apply to this stream. Ontario also conducts “Tech draws” directed at individuals who have experience in designated tech occupations within this stream. With his IT background, Neil would be a perfect candidate for this stream!

British Columbia

Another pathway for tech workers such as Neil is the one managed by British Columbia known as the “Tech Pilot” within the BC Skills Immigration pathway which selects immigration candidates to apply for a provincial nomination on an almost weekly basis. This program was developed due to the high demand for talent in BC’s tech sector. In order to qualify for this pilot program, Neil would require a job offer from one of the 29 designated technology occupations. Since his work experience falls under one of these occupations, B.C. would also be a great option for Neil!


The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is another choice for individuals without a job offer. Saskatchewan’s International Skilled Worker Category consists of two extremely active streams which necessitate having an active Express Entry profile for one and at least one year of work experience in one of the positions listed on the In-Demand Occupations List of Saskatchewan for the other. With his background in computer programming, Neil would be an excellent candidate for this program as long as he gets one year of work experience in Saskatchewan.


Neil is faced with many options which could each lead him to getting settled in Canada, and with his excellent background, Ontario, B.C. or Saskatchewan would be easy to immigrate to! In all cases, it is advised that individuals should scrutinize each of the provinces’ programs and respective streams in order to determine the best fit for their background and qualifications! Even in the face of current events, prospective immigrants can rest assured knowing that most PNPs continue to welcome invite qualified applicants as Canada realizes the value of immigrants not only to the economy but the country as a whole.

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